How can a small or startup company have a successful speaker program?
Actually, these companies have an advantage in that their founders are usually still deeply involved in the company and eager to spread the word about their unique product or service. It is easer to place a founder CEO or CTO than practically any other title, and this willingness means that smaller company CEOs can get a lot of exposure for themselves and their companies.
Terry Catchpole, Chairman & CEO
The Catchpole Corporation

Mid-level Engagement
Launch Service Program

Catchpole’s Launch Service is ideal for companies initiating their first-ever formal speaker program. Our program management experts work with subscriber companies to execute the essential first steps in a successful program launch, based on lessons learned in Catchpole’s 20 years of experience. The Launch Service features extensive hands-on Catchpole involvement and includes: custom-tailored event collection (access for 12 months); abstract content creation; strategy consulting sessions; speaker pitch submissions; and creation of templates for activity tracking, logistics tracking, and processing re-active speaker requests.


Fee:  $15,000 for a four-month engagement

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