What’s the toughest piece of event research to get?
Definitely the proposal submission deadlines for events that don’t have a formal call for papers – which is true of most of the 2500-plus events that Catchpole tracks. However, thanks to our excellent relationships with conference organizers, we're able to find out when events begin their agenda planning cycle, so every event in our database has a confirmed date for when proposals should be submitted.
Melissa Norton
Research Director
The Catchpole Corporation

Mid-level Engagement
Basic Service Program

Catchpole’s Basic Service program is ideal for two kinds of companies: young companies with limited resources to outsource a speaker program; and established companies operating in a tightly-focused single market. Program subscribers receive access to Catchpole’s events expertise in consulting calls with our program management strategists. Other elements include: in-depth research profiling the best events for targeting for company speaking engagements; support in developing winning topic abstracts; access to the Speakware Award Directory; and an event research hotline.


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