What is the breadth of your EV coverage?
Catchpole tracks major global events like the World Economic Forum and Clinton Global Initiative, as well as major US regional events like the Detroit Economic Club. We have outstanding information on the focus, attendance, and agenda-devlopment processes at these events and have an excellent track record for securing CXO speaking engagements.
Terry Catchpole
Chairman and CEO
The Catchpole Corporation

Limited Engagement
Speakware Executive Online Research Service

Catchpole’s Speakware Executive service is ideal for corporate communications professionals to use in managing executive visibility speaking programs for their c-level team as well as identifying non-government organization partners for corporate social responsibility initiatives. The service includes in-depth profiles of more than 350 organizations and events for c-level attendees and speakers, from regional entities such as the Detroit Economic Club to global leadership programs such as those produced by the World Economic Forum. 
Organization profiles include detailed background, activity, membership, management information, and more. Event profiles include background, speaker/topic history, sponsorship detail, contact information, attendance and audience demographic data, speaker submission deadline, and more.  Data on both organizations and events can be searched and sub-categorized, and key information can be exported in Excel format.


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