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Speakware subscribers begin their awards collection process at a page very much like this one. Here each subscriber can custom create the list of awards to target in their awards program. On return visits, this collection is identified as "My Awards List", and can be accessed from the page with this headline. Subscribers select awards from Catchpole's master awards database, arranged under "keyword" categories.

For subscribers, the "Award Keyword" command on the search screen below will activate a menu listing all Speakware Awards keyword categories, and from this list they can select the keywords that are most appropriate for them. Each keyword selection then activates a list of awards identified with the keyword, and they then select the awards they want to track.

For purposes of this demo, you will have access to only two keyword categories - Distribution Channel and Marketing. You can click on this category to view awards associated with the keyword, and see how the award-selection process works. Awards selected will also be entered into the Awards Calendar, demonstrating this part of the Speakware.

Below the search screen is a section containing additional pointers to assist directory subscribers in selecting events for My Awards List. (Note that not all of these pointers will apply to the demo search capability.)

On a previous visit to the Speakware Awards Directory you selected awards for My Awards List. You can also search Catchpole's master awards list for new awards to add. You can execute search requests according to the following search categories:

Deadline dates between  and
Award category 
Award name 
Award topic 
Event name 
Award Producer 

You can also conduct multiple searches - such as events that occur between specific deadline dates, and cover the topic of "Linux".

When you have made your search criteria selections, click on the "Search" button.

Check the "Retain" box, and the "Update Collection" button, to add new awards to your awards list.

Once you have completed all of the searches that you wish to conduct on your first Speakware Awards Directory visit, you can view the results - My Awards List - by going to the Awards Directory Home Page and clicking on the command, "Click here to review the awards selected in My Awards List."

When you wish to conduct a new search, first click on the "Clear All" button.

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