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When Speakware Awards Directory subscribers first visit this section, they are directed to the "Search Awards" page. Here subscribers can use the various Speakware Awards Directory search functions to select the awards that they wish to track in their awards program. Each subscriber's awards selections are then captured in an area called "My Awards List," a personal Web page on the Speakware site that is waiting for them each time they log in. Following is text that subscribers see upon their return to this page.

This screen provides the date on which your Awards List was last updated, and allows you to manipulate the awards information in the following ways:

  • Review: Enables you to view a list of awards previously selected for your Awards List, with an option for disassociating them (click on the checked "Retain" box and the check mark will disappear).
  • Reports: Enables you to run one or more of two reports:
    • Master awards list. An alphabetical listing of all awards covered in the report.
    • Proposal deadline chronology. List of awards arranged chronologically by the date on which awards nomination materials should be submitted.
  • Download: Enables you to export your Awards List to an external file. Note: The filename for your awards list will be awards.xls. A file Download dialog box may appear on your screen. If so, the screen will ask "What would you like to do with this file?"
    • Open this file from its current location. (View unformatted data using MS Excel Application)
    • Save this file to disk (Save the unformatted data on your system. Go to that file location on your system to view awards.xls file using MS Excel Application)
  • E-mail List: Enables you to email your Awards List

Date  Collection  Awards   
05/14/2013  awards #1   2 Review Reports Download Email List

NOTE: When certain award information is not currently available, the letters TBD (to be determined) are inserted in the affected data field. These awards are frequently re-checked, and when the specific information becomes available it is entered into the awards record and the TBD designation is deleted.

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